These are different ways to wear a scarf. I thought about writing about different ways to make a knot to a scarf for the Fall but this is Springtime, and we are so excited to start peeling off these layers and have the sunshine burn our skins! 

So I found this iconic book. For years, Hermes has created an illustration book of "Knotting Cards" that show chic ideas on how to "use" a scarf. You see, scarves are not only for cold weather, they are versatile enough to wear to different places and for any weather. You can actually "use" a scarf on different ways and parts of your body, they are not just for making different knots on your neck.

Wear a scarf in the summer to the beach as a cover up, even as a Sexy top night out. Got a bad-hair-day? No problem, there are many different ways to use a scarf on your head, this is just one of many. Need more space? Use the scarf for an in-to-the-moment bag necessity. Wear a scarf as a jewelry piece, for a one-of-a-kind fashion statement.

First, you'll need a lightweight scarf like the Tropical Parrot Scarf or the Illusion Pattern ScarfThey are a perfect addition to your Spring wardrobe.

I hope these illustrations inspire you to take out your old scarf or make one a part of your wardrobe, you'll never know when you might need one.



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