Hand chains are a lovely alternative to rings. They are beautiful and elegant. They have an almost other-worldly feel. Girl Intuitive's hand chains are created by artisans around the world and are designed to make you feel beautiful. 

Hand chains have an interesting history. In previous centuries, in the United States, they were used on slaves to keep them in shackles. In India, they are used by brides as part of their wonderful collection of jewelry that must be worn on the wedding day. Although we can say the history of hand chains is storied, we love the fact that they are coming back in vogue and are a women's choice to wear. Modern hand chains are beautiful and elegant. 

Girl Intuitive's bead and hand chain is a stunning design. The tip of the chain goes on your finger and then it looks like you have a connective bracelet. Using metal or clay beads, we feature four chains that cascade from a beaded center with a stretched beaded metal ring. If you're into Boho-chic, this look is for you. 

Prefer the gypsy look? Great! We have a coin and mesh hand chain that's perfect for you. In either silver or gold, you'll look like gypsy royalty with the dangling coins from a mesh metal hand chain. We feature a lobster clasp enclosure for extra strength. 

Hand chains are a current celeb trend. Anne Hathaway wore one on the red carpet for the premier of her film Interstellar, setting tongues wagging and people clamoring for beautiful hand art like hers. Girl Intuitive has stepped up and provided you with two beautiful hand chain options. 

You can't go wrong with a beautiful hand chain. It's a conversation piece, a real show-stopper that can make you feel like the most beautiful girl in the room. In order to wear a hand chain correctly, you must be careful when putting it on. Put the Girl Intuitive "ring" portion of the chain on your middle finger and then slide the chain portion down to near your wrist for a glamorous effect. 

If you have more questions about hand chains, just contact us. We'd love to hear from you. 



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