What Are The Best Ways To Style Indian Cotton Tunics?

In the thick of India summers, what can make your skin survive the rising mercury? Cooling devices, chilled drinks, pool splash are obvious choices. Aside from these, cotton apparels are an all-time favorite in making you feel calm and stylish.  

Cotton tunics have an incredibly soft feel no fabric can match. They are skin-hygienic and resistant to wear and tear. Cotton embroidery makes the humble cotton look far impressive in casual and ethnic wear.

Cotton garments have become a popular choice in daily wear, work attire, and occasion-based outfits. Fashion divas, actresses, models, and celebrities have sported cotton as haute couture in fashion weeks and private dos. Naomi Watts wore a cotton suit in simple-looking design and breezy color on the sets for her biopic on the life of Diana. The world’s most enduring style icon Princess of Wales has graced the cotton salwar kameez frequently portraying her love for this fabric. Cotton has caught the eyeballs of the western world apart from maintaining the Indian sub-continent draped fashion.

How to style the lightweight cotton in dress variety? There are many ways to blend the charming cotton in tunics, tops, and dresses. Let us know more.

1. Tanned Poppy Colors Give Bohemian Vibes

     dolma cotton tunic top tanned poppies

    Cotton is the soul of a tunic. It gives a relaxed handmade feel and is an easy-going wardrobe pick for your long and tiring work hours and stressed moments.

    Explore Dolma cotton tunic and beautiful poppy print. Go for the V-neck to get you ample room to wear your layering necklace or choker. Pair it with dangling earrings, khaki pants, or dungarees to get that sassy look. Put on a fringe bag and loafers to make you graduate to a true fashion diva.

    2. White Tunic Is A Classic  

     dolma embroidered white cotton tunic

    In the scorching summer, pretty women in white instantly attract eyeballs. It gives an ultimate soothing effect and makes everything around look fresh and pleasant. Such a delightful feeling of peace and purity comes from wearing white Kurtis that are a modern take on fashion.  

    Consider a tastefully embroidered white top for your loafing around at home or in the art studio. It brings instant happiness and draws immense appeal. Complement a white tunic with handcrafted jewelry, platform heels, wavy hairdo to show your sublime and sartorial charm. When wearing a white tunic, pay attention to your wire-free bralette.     

    3. Patterned Tunic Is Paradise

      dolma cotton tunic birds in paradise

      Ever explored wanderlust clothing? The one that takes you to the heart of exotic nature, inspiring blooms and birds of paradise? Embrace this bold and laid-back style statement in lightweight hand-printed Kurt. Quarter sleeves and mid-thigh length tunic infuses freedom in your conservative attire and brings on an easy-to-carry look.

      Explore maxi skirts in a solid color to enhance the romantic sense of the floral tunic. Style it further with a girly scarf with nature motifs and vibrant prints. Wear open-toed sandals to summarize your definition of summer paradise.

      4. Palazzo Pants Couple Well

        tanned cotton pants linen

        A palazzo pant is the ultimate sunshine look for pear-shaped ladies. A straight-cut palazzo when paired with an ethnic tunic serves a dual purpose–it serves as a modish party ensemble and puts up a chic summer day look. Depending on your field of work, you can shop for a contrasting palazzo shade or opt for the same color and pattern as the tunic.

        Aim for waist-fitting cotton palazzo pants that are loose at the thighs. A palazzo suits any age, shape, and occasion. Flaunt it with a crop top, pull it off with formals, wear it with an ethnic jacket, pair it with a tee, or sport it for your beach days. Emphasize front pleats and pockets to get a modern-styled palazzo.

        5. Jeans Bring Fab Look  

        style you r cotton tunic top with denim

          A pair of jeans is a BFF. Whether it is tees, spaghetti strap dress, tank tops, or a mid-length tunic, anything works with jeans. You could become a style queen sporting the sassy and chutzpah jeans pairing.  

          Ripped jeans are a fashion choice when pairing with tunics. It is the most recent craze and affable for teenagers and opinion-makers. Make sure the tunic top falls a few inches above your knee to bring about a spunky look. Explore different colors in jeans like black, grey, or white depending on your tunic color and design.

          6. Leggings Are Trendsetting With Tunic

            Leggings have an edgy style. Simple to patterned leggings are a favorite dress code for creative professionals. Models and night thinkers usually prefer leggings for comfort and ease. It is like a second skin for pros who have much to look into on the work front and social presence.    

            Remember, leggings are not to be confused with dress pants. They have their figure-flattering advantage. Tight leggings work best under dresses. But when you are pairing a legging with a tunic, pay attention to the fit. This is a point to consider if you have heavy bottoms or flabby waistlines.  

            7. Skirt And Tunic Pairing Look Exceptional

              skirt worn on a beach wedding or resort with a white tunic

              It is challenging to pull off a tunic-skirt pairing, but it goes well with social events, informal brunch, or wedding functions. Creativity is the key here. Think about balancing the color part and work out length for both tunic and skirt. They should complement each other.  

              Match your earthy-shade tunic with a long skirt containing a wood-block print. This will help enhance the casual look for summer and will go well for winter dressing too. If you wish to put on a unique ethnic look, team up your embroidered ethnic-looking tunic with a contrasting color A-line skirt. Tall girls can also explore button-up skirts with tunics for a day or night outing. Skip wearing overly stylized skirts since they can clash with your tunic charm.         

              Final Thoughts

              Cotton is the best fabric that has graced simple people and the elite in summers and humid weather. Try fresh looks and trends with a cotton tunic to raise your style quotient. If you have a big party coming up or a business trip on the cards, consider a cotton tunic for the classy look. 

              Tunic dress clothing has its unique style and pairing. However, there is room for creativity and boldness. Consider your overall appearance when wearing a cotton tunic while projecting your fashion ethos.  

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