Boho Chic Style 101: A Guide For Every Season
The fields of Coachella and Woodstock calling your name, the outfits flashing before your eyes - bright purples, oranges, and reds while the Janis Joplin vinyl echoing Mercedes Benz plays on repeat in the background. If this scene resonates with you and you are a free-spirited wanderer, the chances are you're a lover of the boho-chic style. It encapsulates the perfect blend of contemporary fashion trends, and yet it is modestly elegant. Boho-chic styling is undeniably dainty and sleek but is still power dressing, most adorned by free-spirited. 



A little bit of boho-chic history 


When people think of bohemian clothing, they more than likely picture hippies and the 1970s - warm and neutral tones, feather earrings, and retro patterns. But, bohemian style isn't just an Instagram trend - it is a full-blown culture with a history and story - a counter-culture formed in the 19th century. The Boho style that we love today leans more towards a free-spirited, effortless style that transcends a liberated society, rejecting materialism and greed - while serving up fire fashion statements. 


Boho-chic is an unconventional way to show you are a hopeless romantic, a lover of the world with a craving for wanderlust and a desire to express your individuality. But your Boho-chic love doesn't have to pause just because Summer is nearing an end. Just a heads up - you don't have to fully embrace every aspect of the 70s to pull off the boho look unless that appeals to you. Boho-chic can be carried through all seasons, meaning you never have to pack up your favorite boho pieces. You need to know what to wear, how to wear it, and when - that way, you'll be a boho queen all year round, no matter the weather or the season. 


Creating bohemian looks for every season doesn't have to be a daunting task that seems impossible. As long as you have a few key pieces, are open-minded, and have a flare of creativity alongside a can-do attitude, there is no reason why you can't rock the bohemian style all year round.   


Think of this blog as your ultimate guide to dressing perfectly boho all year round - your boho-chic 101. Whether it's Summer, Autumn, Winter, or Spring - bohemian fashion is outrightly relaxed. The key to bohemian styling is that the pieces are oversized and breezy, perfect for summers and springs. What's more? You can layer them to add a touch of elegance to the dull winter dresses. We’ll show you how to work the boho-chic trend with some stunning fashion statements for satisfyingly Instagrammable looks. Stick with us, and you'll be ruling the fields of Coachella next year. 




The leaves regrow, the parks and beaches begin to fill once more, and a new lease of life is released into the world as people shake off the last moments of winter and step into a new season. 


Spring - the months of maxi dresses, flares, and getting excited for the warmer summer months that are pending. With Spring, we often find a new life after cold winters and dreary days - the brightness of the new season presents the perfect opportunity to clothe your body in some brighter color boho-chic items. 


Spring Style Tip One 


Dresses are a staple in the summer months, from maxi dresses for those who prefer to keep covered to mini dresses and everything in between. There’s a length, fit and cut for all. 

 white linen dress

Nothing beats breathable styles; therefore, a white linen maxi dress is perfect for freshening your outlook. It is that one essential piece you can pull to BBQ parties and evening strolls. A cute white linen dress is even perfect for dancing your night away in. It also leaves enough room to add statement pieces and accessories to give a personal touch to the dressing.  


With hundreds of bohemian vibes on offer for festivals at Girl Intuitive, we have a whole array of festival-fresh attire to get you looking the part and rocking the fields. 


Spring Style Tip Two


From tie-dye to wide legs and the bohemian vibe has to be the go-to for spring months. The most popular are the Storia Tie-Dye rainbow dress. 

 storia rainbow tie-dye maxi dress

All of these options are ideal for a springtime festival and the perfect way for you to incorporate the boho-chic vibe into your life. 


Of course, the Spring months aren't all about festivals - although we admit they are the main reason we get excited about the season. With spring comes picnics and chilled beach days before the temperature heats just that little too much sometimes. Boho-chic is adaptable and can fit park trips and adventures too. 


Spring Style Tip Three

Boho-chic fashion offers the liberty to choose prints to suit your style. Try pairing floral print dresses with bags fit for picnics. But, if you may prefer something edgy, think about tribal or retro prints

 bucketlist retro slouchy maxi dress

The perks of Boho-chic is that it offers so much variety in cuts, silhouettes, materials, and prints. It is not a restrictive style and can be adapted to your personal preferences. They are flowy and oversized, so they offer unparalleled comfort and a boho look. 


You can truly express yourself through your fashion choices while feeling comfortable, confident, and uber-trendy. 


Some common boho materials include:  

  • Denim
  • Linen
  • Cotton
  • Crochet 
  • Leather


Embrace the fresh life spring brings, and mix up your wardrobe with some stunning boho-chic pieces. You can't go wrong with the staple bohemian styles we have mentioned - they'll leave you feeling festival-ready and a boho-chic expert.



A popular season as the temperatures soar, the sun beams down, and the majority of people seem happier - Summer offers a time for hanging out with loved ones, beach days, and cooling off in the shade with a pitcher and lots of ice. Why not do it in style with the ultimate boho-chic looks?  


Dressing boho-chic in the Summer months is a popular trend that many adopt, even if boho style isn't their go-to the rest of the year. Boho chic is a festival staple, a summer party vibe, and an all-around whirlwind romance in the warmer months.


Summer Style Tip One

Brunna Rosemary Dotted Plaid Cotton Dress

Cotton is a Summer staple keeping you cool, fighting off those nasty sweat patches, and looking glamorous while you go about your daily life hopping from the coffee shop to the office and trying to keep cool. Cotton doesn't have to be a bore, especially not with the boho-chic style. 


Try pairing: 

  • A cotton tunic dress adorned with an adorable floral print 
  • Super cute handmade bag for the finishing boho look 

 summer boho beach accessories

Whether you're heading to the beach or running errands - this outfit is a must-have for all boho lovers.  


Summer Style Tip Two


If you prefer to layer up, why not add a loose-fit kimono over a crochet bralette with a pair of cute shorts- the key to super cute boho style is working your layers and pairing your patterns well. Complete the look with a chic fringe bag and a hat. Don’t forget to layer gold jewelry as well.

 Crochet Daisy Longline Bralette

The easiest way to start mixing patterns without it going wrong is to start with a color palette and go from there when deciding what to incorporate into your bohemian clothing. 


Summer Style Tip Three 


Perhaps dresses aren't your summer vibe, have no fear because boho-chic provides for pretty much all preferences. Try opting for:


  •  Beach pants with bralettes. 

 lotus and luna cotton beach pants and kimono

Summer months are all about relaxing at the beach. Hence lose fitted, comfortable beach pants and a sexy bralette is what you need to complete your Boho-chic look. You do not want to miss your sunscreen, and so woven beach bags are your best friend. A handmade seashell necklace or charming anklets are perfect for adding more depth to a summery feel. 


The warm summer months are a perfect opportunity for anybody to try the boho-chic style. Perhaps you have always wanted to but just aren’t sure how to pull off the look. The hotter months give you the perfect platform to try boho styles without having to layer up to keep warm. 





The leaves turn orange, Halloween decorations line the neighborhoods, and the smell of pumpkin spice floats around in a constant dance. The season of earthy tones, patterns, and layers - Autumn presents the perfect opportunity to dive into boho-chic trends and authentically own them.  


Fall Style Tip One


Bohemian dressing in the fall is bound to involve the introduction of a small amount of layering - you've got to keep warm! But, don't fear, if anything, this presents a chance to make your boho wardrobe even chicer. By combining the features of oversize, wide legs with a jumpsuit, you can create the base of a beautiful warm fall outfit that is just asking for some cute layers!  

 Storia Warm Stripes Tribal Jumpsuit

Fall Style Tip Two


Think earthy colors like:

  • Oranges
  • Browns
  • Greens
  • Maroons 
  • Bold patterns
  • Flowing, easy-to-wear outfits


With these tips, you will have people turning heads! Don't forget a lot of boho-chic is down to how you accessorize, so you could opt for a trendy belt and headband to tie your fall look together. Light cardigans are great for layering. You can choose a color to complement your entire outfit or choose something opposite to add jazz. The best is to have a selection of pieces that can pair well with multiple outfits. 


Fall Style Tip Three 


Maybe jumpsuits aren't your thing, or you're not quite ready to say goodbye to the dresses yet. Maxi dresses are easy to style all year round - switching from sandals in the warmer seasons to boots as the temperatures begin to cool. Try layering. Layering is key for bohemians, and in the fall, you can get away with lots!

dolma linen coat kimono 

Bell sleeves add a bohemian hit to any outfit and are comfortable while adding just that extra warmth - they are a staple for your fall-worthy maxi dresses! Don’t forget: 

  •  Cardigans
  •  Kimonos
  •  Shawls 

fall styles bohemian fashion

Add an extra layer of warmth while ensuring you still look boho-chic and ready to go. Try light cardigans to pull on the Bohemian theme with brighter colors like turquoise, which will contrast beautifully with the more earthy tones in the rest of your outfit while sticking to the boho theme. Finish off with a pretty crystal pendant, and you’ll be good to go! 


Fall Style Tip Four


Let's not forget part of the boho-chic vibe is a reminiscence of the 70s era, so another option to layer up is by incorporating vintage tees into your outfits. Think:

  • Long flowy maxi skirts 
  • Vintage tees tied up
  • Hoop earrings and headscarves for the ultimate laid-back and trendy boho-chic fall look. 

 bucketlist neon maxi skirt

Some great options that we love for our Fall layers include Brands: Bucketlist, Storia, Recycled Karma, or Dolma. They sell the best boho-chic styles to mix up your wardrobe for all the seasons! 




As the months turn truly colder for many and snow may even fall for some. The streets fill with carol singers, families come together, and the festivities are high - Winter is the season for thicker layers, headwear, and outerwear to keep warm and cozy. 


People think boho and only picture flowy summer outfits and festival-chic; however, boho-chic can be worn all year round, even in the coldest seasons.


After all, bohemian fashion is all about being individual, embracing your tastes, and rocking outfits that some wouldn't even think of - it is so versatile and perfect no matter the weather. 


Nevertheless, if you feel lacking in inspiration and unsure how to pull together the best boho looks - we are here to help. Level up the retro, add layers, and embrace the colder months in a true boho style. 


Winter Style Tip One

Your boho wardrobe is going to have to be flexible. Mixing and matching patterns and layering up to ensure you are warm enough - you can still look boho chic effortlessly, even in the coldest months. 

 bucketlist oversize long sleeve shirt

Of course, some winters aren't that cold, so try channeling gypsy vibes with-

  • Long maxi skirts
  • Long-sleeve top 
  • Add a trendy leather jacket jacket on top. 
  • Leather boots


This way, you'll be the perfect temperature for your slightly cooler winter days.


Winter Style Tip Two

If you’re not a fan of the winter season and a denim jacket just wouldn't suffice, why not go for flared jeans and some layering knit pieces on the top? A long sleeve top, a light cardigan layered with a long warm coat can give you a uber-trendy look while keeping those bones warm. Complete the look with a boho-chic hat, boots, and bold jewelry. 

boho-chic winter styles 

Keep the following suggestions in mind while gearing up for the winter-

  • Some flared jeans
  • A long sleeve top
  • A chunky cardigan
  • retro sweatshirt 
  • A warm coat over the top. 


Don’t feel like you have to go out and purchase a new coat every year. Part of bohemian style is living a carefree life - try getting creative and reworking some of your old coats with a bit of at-home DIY. That way, you never have to say goodbye to your favorite pieces but can keep reworking and re-wearing them. 


Winter Style Tip Three

Party on your mind? Why not add some sparkle to your winter boho-chic look?


Sequin is very popular, perfect for the holidays or a special night out. Bucketlist champagne sequin clothing can be a great pick if you wish to add some party vibes to your winter wardrobe. Complete the look with a sleek winter coat and sexy shoes.

 bucketlist sequin clothing

Extra Winter Tip! 

If the temperatures plummet dramatically, don't forget you can easily add some thermal leggings under your maxi dresses or jeans to keep those legs extra warm. If you want to keep your head warm, too, add a knitted beanie for an extra cozy boho touch. 

girl intuitive winter accessories beanie

To sum it all up 


There you have it, our complete 101 to rocking the boho-chic look all year round. As you can probably tell by now, boho-chic is a versatile style adaptable for every season and style preference. 


You never have to worry about feeling like a dress is too short or that you have to wear trousers or a maxi skirt all year round. The whole idea of a bohemian style is to be individual and express yourself - embrace the boho vibe and feel fantastic no matter what you prefer to wear and regardless of the season!. 


There's no written rule book when it comes to boho-chic. However, this article is here to help guide you and find the creativity you need to pull together a boho outfit for every season. But, make your own rules and listen to our tips, and you'll be creating the best boho-chic styles in no time. 




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