The Bohemians

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Bohemians are people from Bohemia, a region of the Czech Republic, the former Kingdom of Bohemia. The Bohemian word that we now know comes from when during the 19th century, the French called certain poor artists who were thought to reached France in the 15th century from Bohemia but who they really were Romani travelers more commonly known as gypsies.

The Romani people originated from India, who migrated to Europe about 1,000 years ago. The English-speakers called them Gypsies, short for Egipcien. Since the 12th century, the Romani have settled all over Europe. Now mostly settled in Turkey often referred to as "Turkish Gypsies", Greece, Serbia, Romania, Bulgary and Spain. They started migrating to America in the 19th century. Today, there's an estimate of more than 1 million who emigrated to the United States alone. Because the Romani religion originated from Hindu with Christian, Islam, or Muslim beliefs, women wore covered clothing to showcase chastity. The Romani-influenced Bohemian fashion today, with head scarfs, flowy dresses, and chunky jewelry.

The Bohemians that we know today come from the artists, musicians, writers, and actors who had an unconventional lifestyle and lived in the main European cities. They wore colorful ethnic style clothing, flowy hair, and historical costumes inspired by poverty and creativity. These Bohemians served as inspiration for many great novels, songs, and movies that ultimately gave them prestige.

The Bohemian style evolved into a group of people who's look became a work of art with highly stylized outfits and accessories. Giving a sense of enlightenment, individual freedom, and artistic creativity.

The elements the Bohemian style now called Boho Chic after Sienna Miller, are:

  • scarves worn as belts
  • flowing long skirts
  • loose, flowing hair
  • peasant style clothing like tunics, loose trousers, and sandals
  • layering
  • fringe accessories
  • mixing prints in a nontraditional manner
  • multi strands of beads
  • several bangle bracelets
  • unique jewelry, often handcrafted
  • large dangle earrings
  • broad-brimmed hats
  • faux furs

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Tunics starting at only $24 are wonderful for your Boho Chic collection. Floral, paisley, and different tie-dye method prints are a perfect example of this cultural phenomenon. 


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