The name Mod came from the modernists, hyper-cool 1960s post-war British youth, who became obsessed with music and fashion. The subculture began with modern jazz and Italian tailored clothes but after it became widespread known turned into pop culture with rock bands and pop-art style. 

Famous rock bands, the most influential like The Who and The Beatles later on, helped widespread the phenomenon by adopting the style. During the 1960s, London became the Mecca for music, fashion, and pop culture, called Swinging London. Mods often used symbols as pop-art style like the Royal Air Force roundel and added their personal style into their garments.

Mod's fashion reflected women's independence who dressed androgynously in short hair and flat shoes but with miniskirts that became progressively shorter. Mod women were classy taking from the high fashion designers from France and Italy but rebellious topping it with bohemian anoraks and berets.

The Mod scene spread into West Hollywood with the British Invasion and The Beatles and other rock musicians. Countless American musicians adopted the look. Mod became part of the pop culture. Bold geometric prints like those of designer Mary Quant were signatures styles of the 1960s Mods. 

Mata Traders brought forth mod revival today by mixing trendy and hip tailored-like retro dresses with fair trade artisans from India and Nepal. Like the Mid-Century Mod Dress in blue.

Mata Traders not only took on Mod style using minidresses but also supports century-old Indian artisans traditional art textile with handmade print patterns and hand worked embroidery. Like this Mid-Century Mod Dress in gold, with red stitching details.

Geometric patterns and bright color miniskirts that reflect the Mod era are also amongst Mata Trader's collection, like On the Move Skirt in either red or blue. It can be worn with a turtleneck sweater to complete the retro look.

Another fashion signature of the 1960s Mod were the Stripes, before things got psychedelic, shaping and defining pop fashion. This Party Favor Burgundy Dress imitates the 1950s style with a full skirt and small waist but with a 1960s flair.

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