Girl Intuitive has a unique and beautiful Dragonfly Necklace made of Moonstone. It's lovely and affordable. We all know that dragonflies are beautiful, but what do they symbolize? In this article, we'll go over the significance of Dragonfly symbols and show you just what they mean. 

The Dragonfly is a creature of the water. It means that it deals with our thoughts, intuitions and dreams. Seemingly a creature from a dream, the dragonfly can be emblematic of a balanced mind. It represents two realms of thought - the mundane and the mystical. 

Mundane thoughts are those that we find in everyday life while Mystical thoughts are those that are more meaningful. The Mystical thoughts deal with the bigger questions the Universe has to offer. No matter what your belief system, you have mystical thoughts, and the dragonfly can help transcend your mind into the realm of the Mystical and perceive.

You can skim the surface of the Mystical just like the dragonfly skims the surface of the water or you can plunge in and drink deeply of the mystical well. You can try to answer the big questions like "why are we here?" and "what's the meaning of life?" 

Girl Intuitive's lovely Dragonfly Collection can help focus your mind on the Mystical in style, with the beautiful detailing and fantastic look. You can wear it with just about anything, and it will give you a confidence you may not otherwise feel. The Dragonfly can help you remain calm, in an almost meditative state, and will, therefore, keep you grounded and in the mundane world. 

You can have one foot in the Mundane and one in the Mystical with any of the Dragonfly Collection from Girl Intuitive. Knowing what the dragonfly represents, how could you not want a piece? 

We suggest you contact us with questions on the beautiful dragonfly necklace and any of our other pieces. We're always happy to hear from our customers.



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