Mata Traders

Girl Intuitive takes pride in carrying Mata Trade clothing. They empower women to make a change in global poverty by creating designs that celebrate their originality while maintaining the craftsmanship that dates centuries of women artisans in rural parts of East Asia.

At Mata Traders they design and produce handmade clothing and jewelry:

  • Design vintage-inspired dresses with classic silhouettes designed to flatter in any size
classic vintage-style clothing
  • With a collaboration of up-and-coming young artists, they have unique hand-drawn textile designs
hand-drawn designer textile
  • Use organic cotton clothing, a sustainable fabric of good quality
  • Handmake jewelry

How does Mata handmake clothes?

women artisan hand making clothing

  • Wood-block printing, an art form that has been practiced in India since the 12th century. "Our designs are traced onto and then carved from wooden blocks, called “bunta.” When printing, large pieces of fabric are fixed to a tabletop. The carved blocks are then dipped into colorful dyes, stamped on the fabric, and the process continues for the entire sheet of fabric, forming an intricate pattern. Block prints can be simple or can involve many layers of printing for each color."

wood block printing

    • Embroidery, women from India and Nepal take into detail the embroidery of the garment from their own home or gathered in a circle group in their community.
    woman artisan embroidering a dress
    • Screen printing, even though this technique is now famous in the U.S., has been in India for centuries. "they all practice the same general technique – a screen is burned with a design, a fabric is pinned down to a tabletop, ink is pushed through the screen with a squeegee to transfer the design onto the fabric, and the fabric is left outside to dry."
    screen printing

       When you buy a Mata Traders garment, you:

      • Preserve an art form

      • Fight gender inequality

      • Empower women

      • Combat child labor

      • Make an impact on global poverty

      Mata Traders' employs artisans that come from rural areas, tribal villages, and urban slums so they can earn a fair wage and lift their families out of poverty while supporting the groups of traditional fabric producers and jewelry makers who utilize techniques like hand embroidery, block-printing, jewelry making, and screen printing evolving into the spunky, stylish brand it has become.



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