Hipanema Peacock Bracelet

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  • Hipanema Peacock Bracelet

Hipanema Peacock Bracelet

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Discovered by the French in Brazil, the Hipanema Peacock Bracelet is a trendy look designed for the beach now flourished to be the IT accessory for anytime anywhere. Made out of multiple strands of handmade friendship bracelets merged into one with an amazing magnetic closure, it won't break, and it is easy to use. The Hipanema Peacock Bronze bracelet while it looks fabulous while on the beach with its beautiful colors and textures of materials that are durable enough for any environment, it will also look stunning anywhere you go. Each style bracelet comes in different color hues and materials.

The Peacock Bracelet features:

  • turquoise faux fur strand
  • gold tone metal
  • alloy/cotton/crystal/plastic
  • iridescent materials
  • hand-assembled sequined strand
  • embroidery beads
  • blue rectangular jewel-like beads
  • a beaded strand in gold and light blue
  • the famous Brazilian Wish Ribbon or good-luck ribbon with "Embranca do Senhor do Bonfim da Bahia"
  • Authentic Hipanema brand with tags on
  • size S (6.5"); M (7"); L (7.5")
  • with a beautiful turquoise color canvas bag with bright pink drawstrings and gold foil
  • designed in France, made in China, Brazilian-inspired