Ultimate Guide To Finding The Perfect Crystal Jewelry

What is it that you picture when you hear the word crystals? Perhaps scatterings of the little sparkles across beautiful interiors sat next to an array of house plants in an Instagram-worthy attic apartment. Maybe, the gift of Mother Nature, resting gracefully on the chest of a sun-kissed yogi. Or a healing table, surrounded by incense with the sound of the waves filling your mind. No matter what springs to mind when you think of crystals, it is undoubtedly something beautiful.

The History of Crystals 

The geological process which occurs during the formation of crystals is something to be in awe of - millions of years of heat and compression result in these wondrous Earth rocks! 

For as long as the Earth has existed, people have been turning to crystals to heal. Worn on the armor of warriors, used in services and rituals, and tucked away in the pockets of many - crystals offer a comforting mechanism of healing and guidance to better health, minds, and futures. Czech Crystals known as Bohemian Crystals are believed to be some of the purest around and are incredibly popular. To this day, in our fast-paced, evolving world, raw crystals remain.

girl intuitive nakamol czech crystals earrings

Stones of the world, sparkling gems, and crystal rocks - the sun, the moon, the stars, the soil- every elemental energy you can imagine - genuine crystals capture every essence. From pretty bracelets to beauties hung from sterling silver  - no matter your taste, there's a rock of the Earth to allow all of Mother Earth's children to jump on the genuine crystal jewelry craze trend. 

Using and choosing the right crystal for you 

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The variety of crystals out there can make the process of choosing the correct one for you seem a little daunting. By tapping into your innermost thoughts and feelings, you will be taking the first step in finding the right crystal for you. Read short blurbs about what each crystal does and go with the one that your intuition calls for - listen to your inner self, and some crystals will appeal to you more than others. If you still don't feel that you are connecting with particular crystals, try being guided instead by your Zodiac sign, and you should discover the crystal with the correct healing properties for you. 

One of the simplest ways to incorporate crystals into your life is through jewelry - accessories that will draw people to your fashion choices for all the right reasons. Crystals also make a great gift option for any occasion, especially wedding anniversaries and christenings.

Now you know there are simply hundreds of crystals to choose from - let us guide you through twelve of the most powerful, popular, and accessible ones so that you can ensure you have the best crystal jewelry there is. 

12 Essential Crystals for your Jewellery collection 


rose quartz earrings

Rose Quartz links directly to the heart chakra. The delicate crystal provides a deep root for healing and the restoration of trust and love. 

Who should pick Rose Quartz: Those who have been emotionally hurt and are looking to heal.   

Quartz also comes in a lovely clear form which provides a beautifully cleansing power to those who chose to wear it. 

girl intuitive clear quartz large necklace




amethyst necklace

Amethyst provides a feeling of protection like no other. One of the most popular and spiritually divine stones - Amethyst, makes for a tool for meditation.

Who should pick Amethyst: Those wanting to beat their fears and reach the next level of spiritual enlightenment through meditation. 


aquamarine necklace

Aquamarine is a crystal of pure courage. It can help you calm stress and anxiety and tolerate others whom previously you would not. 

Who should pick Aquamarine: Those looking to rid themselves of the judgment of others and personal fear of the future. 


geode slab earrings

Geode crystals provide clear communication - helping people balance their moods and become better at making decisions. 

Who should pick Geode: People looking to level off their moods or become more decisive. 


nakamol labradorite long necklace

Labradorite offers transformative healing powers providing those who wear it with perseverance and strength. 

Who should pick Labradorite: Those who need a companion through periods of change in their life. 


agate crystal ring

Agate balances the mind, body, and soul and helps you slow your life pace and balance your inner self.

Who should pick Agate: Those looking to slow down in life and appreciate its beauty.


girl intuitive chan luu citrine earrings

Citrine is a powerful crystal that encourages positive thinking and optimism. 

Who should pick Citrine: Those looking to manifest financial glory and an abundance of life opportunities. 


chan luu turquoise wrap bracelet

Turquoise is a crystal with healing powers and is one of the master stones, detoxifying poisons, and alcohol.

Who should pick Turquoise: Those looking to detox their body of toxins and pollutants.


girl intuitive anju moonstone cuff 

Moonstone encourages empathy and compassion, tapping into your intuition.

Who should pick Moonstone: Those with psychic tendencies and those looking to activate their feminine energy. 


girl intuitive nakamol amazonite earrings

Amazonite triggers a sense of fairness that allows you to see a variety of points of view.

Who should pick Amazonite: Those looking to heal emotional trauma and alleviate worries. 



girl intuitive swarovski crystals bug earrings

Swarovski crystals diffuses negative energy bringing a positive energy into your life. They have an extremely high-quality glass offering superb crystal clarity.

Who should pick Swarovski crystals: Those who need help with money, prosperity and luck!



girl intuitive mens jewelry onyx bracelet

Onyx is a stone that offers up powerful vibrations of protection, strength, focus, and willpower.

Who should pick onyx: Those who are seeking  to enhance discipline, allowing more ease in following through on goals and completing tasks.

This stone is very popular on men's jewelry, besides the obvious color black, the stone echos their inner strength.


The bottom line

So there you have our top twelve crystals to incorporate into your jewelry. Some other exceptional crystal jewelry providers include Hawkhouse and Soul Silk. Both of these jewelers ensure the beauty of the crystal remains but that the jewelry itself is high quality.

Whether you are wanting to heal from past trauma or manifest good energy, crystal jewelry provides a perfect healing source while looking beautiful with all of your fashion favorites. 

By using crystals, we can align our spiritual, mental, and physical selves, truly discovering our innermost selves and all of our wants and needs. Enjoy the process, explore the options and find the crystal jewelry for you - your inner self and wardrobe will thank you. 



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