Bug Out About Insect Jewelry Trend

Not to mention the fact that most of the girls are afraid of them, the 2013 year’s Fashion Weeks of Paris, New York, London and Milan was infested with insects or bugsInsects or bugs are a complete opposite of what is considered elegant. And of course, every designer started using them in fashion. 

Alexander McQueen Spring 2013 runways started it by using golden bee and honeycomb prints, and jewelry bees on tortoise collars, cuffs, and belts.


Lanvin has put huge silver and golden flies and dragonflies onto classic black dresses.


In F/W 2014, Roberto Cavalli jewelry collection included very original brooches, statement necklaces, and bracelets with moths and other butterflies. Any fashionistas will scream and shout with pleasure for this bugs and insect jewelry trend, not disgust.


Nowadays when the insect/bug trend has become more mainstream, you can find a fabulous insect or bug jewelry at unbelievable prices with Girl Intuitive. Girl Intuitive's collection of Bug Jewelry brings you all kinds of creepy crawlies for the coolest fashionista for under $20! 

Bee Jeweled Bracelet for $12 added on to your arm party for a festive look and celebrate with style. These bees and jewel decor have pretty and sweet monochromatic tones.

Bee Bug Earrings for $10. Bees are the most trendy of all insects; they made an appearance all over the runways, maybe they should appear on you too.


Butterfly Earrings for $18. Elegant but sweet butterfly earrings and precious wreath like metal.





Butterfly Cluster Necklace for $25, delightful tiny butterflies for the most stylish fashionista. Think of it when matching monochromatic natural nude outfits, never forget your accessories!


Dragonfly Onyx Beaded Necklace from the Turkish Jewelry Collection is as charming as it can be. With delicate dragonfly charms, 24k gold plated and natural Onyx beads for $32, a great gift! It also comes in silver and with Moonstone.



Insect Bug Bracelet for $15. From the runways to the streets, big insect fashion-forward bug bracelet.


Vintage Insect Brooch for $80. A real deal vintage brooch designed by the one and only Hedi Daus. Brooches and insects, perfect trendy combo!


Scarab Ring for $8! A mix of feminine and edgy look, the scarab is a symbol of the Circle of Life in ancient Egypt.


Flying Insect Charm Long Necklace on sale for $25! This silver charming long necklace makes a great thoughtful gift, with a collection of insects of bees, butterfly, dragonfly and added love charm to bring good luck to your loved one.

And there's more! Don't miss out on Girl Intuitive's Bug Jewelry collection here.

If you need any help getting what you want, don't hesitate to contact Girl Intuitive at getit@girlintuitive.com. Always there to help. 



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