For over two decades, Karine Sultan flourished in Paris as a major player in French fashion jewelry selling over 5 million pieces. In 2007, she relocated to Los Angeles with her new line, Karine Sultan Jewelry, as go-to for Hollywood Stylists. Karine Sultan has been seen on many of the world's most fashionable celebrities such as Halle Berry, Jennifer Lopez, Joan Rivers, Giuliana Rancic, Rihanna, Anna Kendrick, Drew Barrymore, Ashley Green to name a few! 

It is lovely to see how beautiful Ashley Green, the actress from Twilight movie, looks with the Hammered Coin Collar Necklace in Rose Gold! The color metal she chose elevates her skin tone to maximize her beauty, even more! Click here to see it.


Stunning Anna Kendrick, the actress from Pitch Perfect movie, wore the Louisy Collar Necklace at the "End of Watch" Premiere on the Red Carpet. It is a bold statement piece that draws attention to her face accentuating her collarbones. Click here for more information.


The Zoe Cuff is so versatile that when Rihanna and Drew Barrymore fits different lifestyles. This cuff is full of elegance with its clean lines and simple shape. The cuff conjures images of the royal Egyptian queen Cleopatra. The cuff has a beautiful luster reflecting glow to your skin. See it here.

Amazingly enough, Karine Sultan has almost every piece of all the metal colors for you to choose from: HematiteGold, Silver, and Rose Gold. This is one of many: The Julie Cuff, worn by Jeannie May for her special occasion at the Red Carpet. Karine Sultan's collection is a celebrity magnet due to its closeness to a solid gold piece without having to pay the price. All of her pieces are pewter based covered with either 24k gold, sterling silver, 24k rose gold or hematite.



I couldn't leave out the beautiful Chloe Earrings (small) or the Jena Earrings (large), that has been worn by many celebrities such as Jennifer Lopez, Harry Berry, Paula Abdul, Queen Latifah, Giuliana Rancic, and the dearest Joan Rivers amongst others in different color metals and sizes. These earrings are a statement of beauty and glam that can be worn with any outfit.


Karine Sultan's ability to create timeless beauty with her expert manipulation of primary metals reflect her unique vision of the world. 

If you want to look elegant and sophisticated to your special occasion, then stop and look here!




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