With the prom quickly approaching, there is no time to waste in finding the perfect prom jewelry to accompany your look. Everyone will be wearing a pretty dress, but having the right accessories can seriously set you aside and make you the talk of the lunchroom for the remaining weeks of school. Here's some tips on what to keep in mind when picking out the perfect jewelry for your prom night:

One of a Kind

Just like you wouldn't want to show up wearing the same dress as someone else, avoid showing up wearing the same jewelry as someone else! Strive to find jewelry that is handmade or one-of-a-kind. This way you would avoid matching anyone else, and your jewelry will be a conversation piece for the evening. 

Complimenting Colors

The best way to break up the dullness of a long gown is to incorporate complimenting accessories that are a different color. A great piece of jewelry lets you express yourself further by bringing more colors into the mix, and it keeps your look interesting. Not to mention, matching your shoes to your jewelry in a complimenting color to your gown is a pretty way to spice things up!


When prom you mention jewelry, generally necklaces and earrings come to mind. One vastly overlooked piece of jewelry for prom is a ring! A big statement ring can add to a look while complimenting your corsage or manicure! Rings are not a force to be forgotten.

Prom is a very important milestone for young ladies, and we'd love to help you achieve your perfect look! Don't hesitate to contact us for styling ideas or shopping assistance. Happy prom season!




I agree! Sometimes all you need is one powerful piece of jewelry ;)

Juliet-Diamonds Please

Brilliant post! Choosing the right colours can make a phenomenal level of difference- it’s amazing how the right pieces can change a dress instantly

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