From the runway to celebrities to you, the choker is the new fashion statement piece to have this season and Girl Intuitive brings a whole new collection especially to fit your own style.

With the 90s comeback creeping in, the black velvet, leather or link chain chokers have emerged again seen on many celebrities and models in and out of the runways.

The Leather Choker - a single velvet or suede string or a multi-wrapped, celebrities like Kendal Kardashian, Lily Rose-Depp, and Rihanna have been bringing this style back with a vengeance.


Ribbon ties around the collar like the Black Leather Bow Choker have a French chic bondage look. The Wide Suede Choker gives you a vintage sexy Moline Rouge look while the Link Tassel Choker keeps up-to-date with a more modern look.


The Chain Link Choker - Kate Moss was a choker addict in the 90s (no pun intended). But it was Kim Kardashian who brought it back and now just about everyone should have an elegant and trendy piece like gold chain link necklace in their wardrobe.

Try the Thin Chain Choker for a classic casual look available in gold, silver, or hematite. Or the Frenzy Chaining Necklace for an unforgettable impact. I love the Karine Sultan multiple Link Chain Choker in silver for a French twist.


 Open Front ChokersOpen front collars are now "the new breed of chokers" stated by Rachel Zoe. These are so edgy that they take you over and back again, the asymmetrical edgy style is designed with classic elements. Channel designed the Open Front necklace with monumental pearls, so trendy and stylish you can see celebrities wearing them all over the red carpet. Girl Intuitive brings a similar option, the Polished Pearl Choker. Back in 2014, when designers decided to ditch the closure to design pieces that were better left undone. Now, they have become the must-have piece of the year.


Karine Sultan designs metal Open Front Chokers mixed with enamel. She has a distinctive point of view and vision about fashion jewelry. Her designs are edgy, elegant, sexy, that keeps you at the tip of the edge without going over it. Karine Sultan's jewelry are timeless, for all ages but with a French flair.

open front chokers


2016 Grammy winner Taylor Swift was wearing a sparkly multicolor crystal choker on the red carpet. She won Best Album of the Year!

I love how she takes advantage and shows off her youth with bright color block gown including both bare shoulders with a strapless top and high cropped to show the belly. That's the way to wear a choker necklace! Way to go Taylor!


What is so great about these Chokers is that you can practically wear them with everything! They will always be at the top of your neck, showing off, even if you are wearing a v-neck, off the shoulder, turtle-neck, collar shirt, square neck, round neck, bateau neck, draped neck, a sweetheart neck, a scoop neck, an asymmetrical neck, a cowl neck, a strapless, or halter top. Anything goes!

So don't wait any longer, go to, where you will find all kinds of choker necklaces trendy for the season as well as classic timeless pieces for all ages and at affordable prices.



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