Many of us are afraid to venture out into using a color outside our safety net but after a long, cold and dark winter; we are ready for refreshing colors, excited for the sun, to boost our mood! 

Every year Pantone forecasts the colors palette for every season to inspire all kinds of designers to create their collection. Everything from the clothes you'll wear, your accessories to match or contrast, to your home decor, and beauty products will be highly influenced by these colors. Not to let Pantone define who we are but serve as an inspiration for creativity throughout season's changes and as guidance when channeling moods.

For Spring, Pantone prepared this color palette based on our spirit and influences. "Colors this season transport us to a happier, sunnier place where we feel free to express a wittier version of our real selves," said Leatrice Eiseman, Executive Director, Pantone Color Institute. "With our culture still surrounded by so much uncertainty, we are continuing to yearn for those softer shades that offer a sense of calm and relaxation."

Starting with the color of the year 2016, Rose Quartz. It is soothing and calming. It is persuasive yet gentle like a serene sunset. Reminds us to reflect on our surroundings in the busy months of spring and summer. 
rose quartz

Peach Echo, a shade that is friendly, evoking warmth, and consequently orange is a favorite among people.

peach echo

This year, Pantone picked a 2nd Color of the Year, Serenity blue. Serenity is another calming color that emanates a natural connection with space.


Snorkel Blue is a more energetic kind of navy, inspires vacation but as a venture. The color is calming yet with striking undertones. It is a fun type of navy.

snorkel blue

To contrast the calm colors of the Spring/Summer palette, the Buttercup emerged that transports you to a happier, sunnier place.


I can never be tired of the aqua; it is mindful tranquility. This year they called it Limpet Shell, more clean, clear, and defined. 

limpet shell

We have a need for neutrals and with Gray Lilac is an essential gray but with lilac undertones. It is subtle yet edgy.

gray lilac

Red is also a favorite; the Fiesta color is full of high energy and excitement. A yellowish red is another great contrasting color to use with the other calming colors.


Iced Coffee is our transitional color through all seasons. It is our need for neutrals and serves as base on more dramatic colors. Iced Coffe or how we call it in my country, Cafe Con Leche.

iced coffee

An unexpected and daring color, Green Flash, pushes the envelope and helps us escape. It is nature influenced by the urban surroundings.

green flash

Designers have already applied these exact colors for 2016. And even if you don't want to bother follow a trend, then I hope this serves you as guidance. It will be difficult to find a match for what will be all over the shops this year.

Remember that balance is key, first, start with your base, then add your favorite color!

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