Nakamol began as a family run business and is a true testament to the American Dream. The namesake brand was created by Nakamol Sussman, who came from Thailand to the United States to study for her Master’s Degree before embarking on her journey of designing jewelry. What began as a story of Nakamol selling her jewelry going door to door to visit potential vendors, has grown into an established brand over the last twenty years. The brand remains a family business, and Nakamol continues to employ friends and family, as well as those less fortunate to help give them a piece of the American Dream.  

nakamol story

At Girl Intuitive, we are proud to carry a woman-owned jewelry brand with such an inspiring backstory. She bases her designs using an array of semi-precious stones and textures with endless creativity. Nakamol's favorite crystals and natural stones are Labradorite, Amazonite, Czech Crystals, Emerald, Lapis Azul, Freshwater Pearls, Garnet, Citrine, and the list goes on, all with different meanings that become personal to the wearer. These natural stones combined with a well-made piece handcrafted by skilled craftsmanship in both Chicago and Bangkok have given Nakamol a loyal customer following. 

We especially love Nakamol because she focuses on designing feminine jewelry with a mission to be an affordable and trendy fit for women of all ages. The handmade jewelry pieces are guaranteed to last you for years, easily combined with your existing collection by mixing and matching different color metals and stones.  

nakamol wrap bracelets

One of our Best Seller is the Nakamol wrap bracelet, a thin long leather string that wraps around your wrist filled with semi-precious stones and mixed metals for your heart's desire! You will love the sparkly color theme and the bohemian vibe that will never go out of style.

nakamol drop earrings

Another popular piece in the Nakamol collection is their drop earrings, fused with delicate workmanship and silhouette of drama. These handmade beaded earrings filled with colorful semi-precious stones are prominent in the collection. Whether you want casual hoops or a weekend pair of dramatic beaded earrings you can spruce up your accessorizing game with a Nakamol Signature piece. 

nakamol chain necklaces

Our newest additions to the Nakamol collection are the chain necklaces. Jump on the layered necklace trend by wearing contrasting pieces of different lengths and color chains, and by pairing both dainty and statement necklaces for an 80s inspired look, you won't resist the masterpiece on your décolletage. Nakamol is one of our top picks for gifts this holiday season. 



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