Chan Luu

As a woman-founded, woman-led company, Chan Luu jewelry is packed with sensitivity. Chan Luu is a combination of handmade crafts, meaningful semi-precious stones, and poetic designs with the most quality of materials so that each piece easily becomes personal to the wearer.

Inspired by the different places Chan and Tessa visited, they bring a richness of culture to the designs as if telling a story. The craftsmanship with techniques dated for centuries brings a soulful approach combined with rare materials.

Tessa handmaking jewelry

We particularly love when inspired by the beach, uses seashells to create pieces for everlasting lasting memories of a dreamy place. Sometimes is the simplicity but the right use of amazing charms and materials that the piece becomes a treasure.

seashell charm handmade jewelry

We are also inspired by Chan Luu's solidarity in supporting women everywhere. So far, they've donate over $1 million to organizations supporting women's causes.





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