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Leather jewelry has always intrigued men and women and comes in an unending variety of styles. The leather jewelry trend started with the beginning of the modern age when during the hippie culture, men and women would wear leather jewelry embellished with lucky charms. Celebrities and rock stars took it further around the world making it an integral part of costume jewelry. 

Leather jewelry brings out cool and alternative auras to your outfit for men as well as women. Originating from the fact that leather was worn by people at high positions in society throughout history, leather jewelry is worn today to make one very distinctive fashion statement and that is self-confidence. There is nothing more daring than wearing leather. For men, leather bracelets apart from being symbolized with security, it has become a part of their fashion and general everyday wear with any outfit, from t-shirt and jeans to suits. For women, on the other hand, it adds a more distinctive persona with multiple colors to choose from and an array of material combinations such as metals, beads, and stones

mens black leather braceletsMost men prefer to go with a classic black leather bracelet, like the Black Leather Braided Bracelet with Silver Closure or the Black Braided Leather Pull-Bracelet, as it can boost their masculinity. Others style aficionados, like the world’s fashion icons and film stars, pick pieces that are stylish yet masculine, made of interesting materials and colors that can lead to the mix-and-match stacked trend.

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For women, a leather bracelet can go from edgy to dressy to casual and back again. For example, these black leather cuff-style bracelets set your look apart, compliment any outfit in all the right ways. The metal pieces on these bands are attractive and instantaneously likable.

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Women's leather necklace trend started with the choker, after the 90's retro come-back, there was a wide array of leather chokers which later transformed into longer statement pieces. But the latest trend is Festival fashion, where dressing becomes a cultural movement, like Coachella, using a bohemian sensibility with tassels, fringe and multilayering

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Few items of clothing scream urban street style as loudly as leather. And when it comes to capturing that edgy look, leather still remains on top of the charts. To master the urban edge look, opt for a leather lariat necklace that comes as an ultra-long leather string and stack them up with a mix of gold-tone pieces that feature dainty pendants. A loose white tee and classic skinny jeans complete the look.

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While leather has always been a symbol of class and luxury, you can always add in the sense of modern-touch with well-designed pieces. They tend to go well with almost any attire and give you that confident look when out with friends, colleagues, or peers.

Find these pieces of fashion jewelry at Girl Intuitive or follow the links below. 

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