Hipanema brand became successful due to its revolutionary bracelet. The bracelet consist of multiple handmade Brazilian style strands merged into one with a chic magnetic clasp closure. You won't have to untie them one by one or wait for them to fall apart, instead, you'll have an amazing arm party beautifully designed to match different style outfits.


It all started when two Parisien girls traveling to Rio, Delphine and Jenny Collinet, got inspired by the Brazilian colors and glamour. In Brazil, fashionistas collect colorful handmade trinkets on their wrists for good luck and protection.
“I love wearing lots of Brazilian bracelets to tie and untie but HAVING em one by one till they break is a bore,” says Delphine.
« After a couple of years it becomes difficult to keep wearing the discolored old ties and it's not easy to match them with one's wardrobe » replies Jenny.
The magnetic closure and the engaging strands of multicolor threads, quartz stones, seashells, Bahia ribbons, and a mix of the legendary Copacabana bracelets became the "must have" in 2012.

After their runway success with the Hipanema bracelets both decided to launch the Amenapih collection. Amenapih is a continuity of the Hipanema jewelry with a ready to wear gypsy and bohemian style clothing and accessory line. Bringing the same handcrafted bold designs with beads and sparkling sequins into folk gloves, western hats, bohemian bikinis, and pompom dresses.
“The idea of the ready to wear quickly became evident. ” Delphine says. “Our bracelets are already more than jewelry, you can feel the textures and the idea of the garments coming through.”
“We only want to design what we like, the idea is to have fun and offer a little wardrobe for the Hipanema’s girls” adds Jenny.

Within a few months, Hipanema grew from France to over 35 Countries. With the launch of Amenapih shown worldwide the brand has become a lifestyle beyond fashion.



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