When it comes to necklaces, I don't know about you, but those dragging days between the holidays and spring seem to take forever sometimes. Nothing begs for more bling than a blustery, grey winter afternoon, so whether I'm going to a gala or the grocery store, I'll make my excitement by donning a statement necklace.

I'm all about that bib for winter-wear statement necklaces. Imagine emerging from a heavy winter coat with an eye-catching conversation piece resting just below your bare throat for the whole room to see. Stilted conversation begins to sparkle, and all, you have to do, is stand there and smile. The necklace says it all for you. You are bold, fun, elegant or flirty, and it's clear that winter doesn't get you down. 

A bib necklace is thinner at the back of the neck and falls deeper and wider across your chest. How deep or wide is up to your personal taste and style. If you have a long neck, a multi-strand bib will make a simple, monochromatic sweater look elegant, especially if it's off-the-shoulder or has a low scoop-neck.

If you have a shorter neck, focus on color and style more than size, like these Ruby Western or Anjali Teal bibs.

waterfall style with a V-neck sweater helps lengthen a rounder figure while a chunkier bib on a square-neck blouse will open the chest and shoulders, like this Byzantine Pearls bib

For those winter parties that do come your way, you can never go wrong with something commanding, like this Queen of Egypt bib or the lovely Crystal Goddess. Like something that leans a little vintage? The Anna Karenina is just for you.

I like bibs to brighten away winter blahs, but any statement necklace will do the trick, including chokers and charms. Just contact us, and we'll help you find the right look for you in any season.



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