Dolma Handicrafts

So many reasons why Girl Intuitive is proud to carry Dolma clothing in her boutique! Not only they specialize in bringing the work of gifted artisans from South East Asia to the West but they also bring a quality of eco-friendly materials that are so comfortable to wear and they don't hurt your wallet either! Dolma stands out above the rest because of their unique textile prints that echo an artful vintage design mixed with a casual, contemporary style creating a wide variety selection of tunics tops and dresses for your heart's desire.

handmade embroiderd tunic

Dolma's unique clothing line are: 


Cotton, silk, embroidered, you name it, Dolma brings them and we carry them! A classic line of sustainable women's tunic tops with handcrafted details. What are those handcrafted details, you ask? 

  • Handmade Embroidery - known as Chikankari and this embroidery style dates back hundreds of years
  • WoodBlock Printing - as a higher level of artistic printing patterns on the textile
  • Silkscreen Printing - a stenciling method that involves printing ink through stencils that are supported by a porous fabric mesh stretched across a frame called a screenScreen printing is the best option for designs that require a high level of vibrancy, when printing on dark shirts, or for specialty products. The ink in screen printing is applied thicker than digital printing, which results in brighter colors even on darker shirts.
  • Stitching - sometimes the actual stitching of the garment

dolma dresses


Sweet tunic dresses, maxi dresses, or kaftans with tassel, beading, and contrasting prints will become your new Dolma favorite! Wear them as a single piece or over leggings, you'll want to wear them every day!


100% Cotton kimonos with beautiful floral print.


Lovely long-sleeved and short-sleeved tops and slim drawstring pants made of 100% linen for an elevated earthy, artsy look.

Find all Girl Intuitive's Dolma collection here.



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