How To Wear A Tunic

The tunic, also called kurta, rose from the Bollywood cinema and 70s fashion revival during the 1990s. Global media helped with recognizing Southwest Asian and Indian fashion by hosting the India Fashion Week in Delhi, inspiring designers across the world.

American, British, and Asian designers merged the ethnic garment into chic Western clothing such as tunic shirts, short dresses, and blouses with embroidery and paisley prints.

Different style tunics work better depending on your body type. A tunic is most of the time simple in style, length from the shoulders to somewhere between the hips and the ankles, they should at least cover the derriere. But petite women have a hard time finding the right length for their height. So in this blog, I wrote a description of all the tunics we carry for different styles and body types. Answering everyone's question: What is the length of the tunics?

Our Cotton Print Tunics, Shibori Tunics, and Ikat Tunics

These tunics are a well-balanced garment that has a relaxed style while still flattering the legs; they are not fitted. If you are Regular height, these cotton print tunics will be at mid-thigh length. The fit will depend on your bust size, as they run smaller in that area. If you have a large size bust, then choose a size up. For most women, they never fit tight across the tummy. Be sure to select a size significant enough that it just skims the body without pulling. Check out the size chart for the all the cotton tunics.


tunics size chart

The Batik Tunics

are made out of 100% rayon and hang loose on your body. They are half to 1 inch shorter than the cotton tunics. Petite women who want to style tunics with leggings or at mid thigh length should pick these.

Different ways to wear a tunic:

1. If you are young and have the legs, wear them with leggings, skinny-leg pants, or even better, wear them with shorts!

These cotton print tunics have open slits on each side and should not be worn as dresses, rather, but as a shirt dress. I would recommend to wear them with an undershirt or tank top because of their sheer fabric.

 cotton tunics

2. As cover-ups

They are lightweight enough to wear in the hot, sunny days, and the 3/4" long sleeves protect you from the sun. Choose a bright color Ikat Tunic or a solid white for the beach.

cover up tunics

3. Another great way to wear the tunics that has no age limit is with cropped skinnies, trousers or denim.

Wear these with the Batik Tunics, they are shorter in length and made out of rayon; the feel is softer and drapes more. Pants will make the look more elegant, while the jeans make a more casual day-out look.

batik tunics

4. But if you want to go into the evening in a comfy head turner, choose a tunic and pants in a matching luxe fabric, like the Silk Tunics.

Accessorize with drama-sleek chandeliers and a mile-long pendant.

silk tunics

I would encourage you to play and have fun with them; the options are limitless, you have your style and the best way is to own it!

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America Riggs

I love my tunics! I bought my first one and I was hooked ? I find myself wearing them to work as well as on my days of fun and relaxation. The tunic “kurta” is a fashion item that brings color, fun and elegance to your way of dressing. I wear mine with the beautiful choices of jewelry that I purchased thru “Girl Intuitive” and I get lots of wonderful compliments. My size is XXL just the right top to sorround my curves and feel beautiful. Thank you Girl Intuitive.

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