An Elegant Way To Wear Labradorite

Jewelry trends come and go but semi-precious gemstones never go out of style. As an eco-friendly boutique that takes pride in empowering women, Girl Intuitive has curated a timeless collection of fair trade labradorite jewelry. Our collections ensure you look and feel your best in sustainable fashions crafted by female artisans living in small villages across Thailand, India, and Vietnam. Here are just a few reasons to mix labradorite items into your accessory collection. 


The Energetic Properties Of Labradorite 

Also known as rainbow moonstone or spectrolite this breathtaking gemstone is an iridescent shade of grey that reflects a mix of pale green, blue, white, and gold. Adorning yourself with labradorite can be used to clear or magnify your throat chakra, third eye chakra, or crown chakra. Its energetic properties include:

  • Providing strength and perseverance in times of transition
  • Balance and protect your aura
  • Elevate your consciousness
  • Ground your spiritual energies
  • Strengthens intuition
  • Minimize fear and insecurity
  • Bring the truth to light
  • Stimulate creativity and innovation
  • Calm your racing mind
  • Minimizes stress and anxiety


A Return To Nature

Energetic properties aside there is nothing that compares to the beauty found in nature. We feature a variety of semi-precious jewelry designs, but every piece is somewhat unique. Each stone has natural color variances and varies slightly in size and shape—meaning that you will enjoy the design you selected but your beautiful new accessory that is also one of a kind.


Mixed Materials

Labradorite is stunning on its own but variety is the spice of life which is why our designs are a mix of freshwater pearls, amazonite, Czech crystals, turquoise, agate, leather, and other semi-precious stones—each with its own beauty and energetic properties. These artful combinations bring out the natural beauty of each design element providing you with pieces you can mix and match in your wardrobe in countless ways.


Sustainable Accessories

We can’t talk about semi-precious gemstone jewelry without mention of sustainability. Even if you continue to mix in a few trends and fast fashion accessories, your Labradorite Jewelry is timeless. Boho might be the first thing that comes to mind, but we carefully select designs that can be worked into any wardrobe. This includes pieces that can be worn as part of your eclectic, refined, office-appropriate, luxury, semi-formal, and everyday fashions.


Trending Labradorite Jewelry

While designed by a variety of American designers all pieces are handcrafted by fair trade global artisans. Here are a few top trending items from our collection.


Nakamol Earrings

These Nakamol Teardrop Labradorite Earrings are crafted to perfection. A detailed and elegant design of coiled wire, chain, and labradorite stones in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors. With a 2 inch drop and 1.5 inches in width, these earrings make a statement without overpowering your look. You’ll find countless ways to wear them!


Nakamol Wrap Bracelet

If a statement is what you want to make this Wrap Bracelet is the way to go. A head-turning combination of labradorite, freshwater pearls, faux pearls, and leather for both style and texture. It measures 35 inches in length and wraps around your wrist 4 to 5 times. The semi-precious stones are mixed in a variety of sizes taking a traditional wrap bracelet to the next level.


Chan Luu Layering Necklace

Layering necklaces never go out of style and can be mixed and matched countless ways. This Chan Luu Long Necklace features a cluster of delicate charms. The charms include an artful mix of a silverite briolette drop, champagne stick freshwater pearl, abalone coin, stabilized turquoise flat pear drop, abalone claw pendant, labradorite faceted bullet, and a baroque freshwater pearl. The charms dangle delightfully from an 18k gold plated sterling silver chain that hangs between 22 and 28 inches in length. Wear solo or layer with 2 or 3 shorter necklaces.


Chan Luu Extra Long Earrings


These Dangle Earrings are from Chan Luu’s trendy yet timeless Signature Collection. The strands vary in length with the longest chains hanging at 7 inches long. The multiple sterling silver chains and wire castings feature rutilated quartz bullets, matte gold hematite, mystic labradorite, and labradorite marquise semi-precious stones. Wear with your hair up to make a statement, but they’ll still stand out when your hair is flowing.


Nakamol Cocktail Ring

No personal jewelry collection is complete without a cocktail ring! This Labradorite Cuff Ring is hand-wired and the gold plated cuff is adjustable to fit everyone. Most importantly, it’s an elegant statement piece that you can wear daily, on special occasions, or to semi-formal events. The light shade of grey contrasts elegantly with the gold plating to make an understated statement.


These are just a handful of our trending semi-precious jewelry designs. Be sure to check back soon as we are always adding unique accessories to help you personalize and elevate your look!



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