Glitter Up for the Holidays

All you need is sparkling jewelry and glitter. And Girl Intuitive has got you covered.

Celebrate the upcoming Holiday Seasons with statement pieces and sparkling evening bags that highlight the entire outfit. Eye catching necklaces, earrings, and bracelets with added bling and glitter.

Glitter is the new trend that is perfect for the Seasons festive looks. Vogue stated is one of the top 12 trends accessories for the FW/15 season: Everyone from Dolce & Gabbana and Miu Miu with glitter heels to Celine and Balenciaga with sparkly gems that looked like brooches on the runway.

Here's Girl Intuitive's Guide to a sparkling evening celebration.

This season is all about the earrings, with different versions of statement earrings imaginable. Glittering and shoulder-dusting length just in time for the Holidays.

Like these  Glitter Statement Earrings. Combine the delicate look of lace, precious gems, and sparkle for unique statement earrings and timeless fashion.

For a more simple yet sparkly touch try these Silver Glitter subtle pieces, perfect for an afternoon or cocktail party.

What you need is a statement piece for uplifting your outfit and making it a bright one for the Holidays. Don't shy away to add glitz and shine the night away!

Clear crystal statement pieces add shine to your ensemble. They go with any bold color outfit.

Brooches are also one of the top trends this season. You might think they're outdated and old-fashioned, but a glamorous pin can enrich the most basic clothing. Celebrate the season with cheer with sparkly brooches.


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