6 Best Ways To Style Layering Necklaces

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Jewelry is a girl’s best friend. No matter your stylish costume and elegant hairdo, a piece of jewelry is a forever trend. Whenever you wish to elevate your costume appeal, picking designer and eccentric metal jewelry could be one choice. While stacking rings and earrings are a new craze in fashion wannabees, layered necklaces are a creative way to have stylish fun with your neckpieces.

Layered necklaces come in different lengths, designs, colors, and materials. The choice is vast, classy, and adventurous. How are you going to wear your layered charms to draw attention and look sassy and feisty? No secret here, your creativity and fashion sensibilities can help you get the most impact in layered necklaces. Here are some style cues and tips when wearing layering necklaces.  

Karine Sultan enamel layered necklace

1. Combine Simplicity With a Pop of Color

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    Layered chains can look simple and neck-hugging or go down till your decolletage. But the costume you choose and the occasion are deciding points on the necklace layering level.

    In the summer months, you can wear a 3-layer pendant of burnished silver and emerald stone over your plunging neck top for some depth. You can team up your plain turtlenecks and chunkier knitwear with gold-fill layered necklaces in the colder months. You can also opt for layered pendants of the same length but in contrasting colors. Add zodiac symbols or talismans to your layered pieces for a non-conformist look. Explore creative styles in layering for workwear and social evenings.   


    St. Christopher medallion pendant necklace

    2. Think Creating Cascade Effect

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      A waterfall brings total awe and delight with water flowing down vertically in V-fashion. You can implement this cascade effect in layered necklaces as well. Make your first layer sit closest to your collarbone. Then work your way down with the next set of layers. Add more layers to your comfort level and carrying skill.        

      Multiple snake chains with a lobster clasp are an excellent example of creating a stunning cascade effect with neck jewelry. Leave enough space between the necklace layers for each layer to get worthy attention. A coin in one layer, a Saint Christopher in the other are tips to glam your neckpiece. You can also have your name alphabet in one row. Layering your neckwear in a cascading arrangement helps create more visually stunning options. 


      Nakamol beaded stones layered necklace

      3. Explore Layers Of Different Lengths

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        Necklace layers with little distance between them give a congested look. It also upsets the layering charm and looks forced. Different necklace lengths help you experiment with layering. If you are new to layering necklaces, download a necklace size chart to get more clarity.     

        Start your layering with the neck-hugging choker. Now put on more layers by leaving enough space between the necklaces to avoid any jumbling. Here are the different neck lengths to consider:

        • 14 inches is ideal for wearing chokers.
        • 16 inches is suitable for wearing shorter necklaces like a pendant, beads, chain-link necklaces, ropes.     
        • 19 inches is a perfect size for putting on longer necklaces that sit above your cleavage.
        • 24 inches is the best size to wear longer necklaces.

        Each layer can put up a spectacle in gemstone, bead, pearl, or talisman. Different jewelry materials for different lengths are a creative way of showing your love for layering. You can even create a layering effect with shorter necklaces that will sit on top. When layering, go for an odd number. A 3-layered necklace has its appeal against the pretty-looking 2-layers.      


        Different metals layering necklaces

        4. Don Different Metals

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          Most jewelry lovers like to stick to one metal while picking a necklace of their choice. Switching between metals for different occasions brings novelty to your dressing and helps you put on a fresh look each time. It widens your layering impact and gives a new meaning to your jewelry sense when you go beyond the monochromatic metal palette.

          Opt for necklaces of different metals to create visual interest. Mix metals evenly. Consider a combination of rose gold and silver necklace with gold and silver bracelets. This will give a cohesive look. Think about your favorite necklace’s tone to pair them well with similar shades. Choose metals that complement your skin undertone. Yellow gold and rose gold go well with warmer skin undertones, whereas white gold and silver are for cooler undertones. Also, look into the proportions of different metals. They should ideally have a similar thickness to look right. 


          lariat necklace

          5. Lariat It To Redefine Your Layers

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            Lariat necklaces are a versatile way to layer your chains. They are adaptable to most western dresses. This necklace style became immensely popular among Hollywood stars like Cameron Diaz, Anne Hathaway, and other celebrities. A lariat necklace length varies between 30 to 50 inches and ends in a decorative element like a drop or tassel. 

            Hang a lariat around the back of your neck, too, so that the ends dangle down to the front. Or cross the dangling ends of the lariat and flip them over each other. Loop knot, bow, pretzel, double-strand pendant are versatile ways to add lariats to your layered jewelry look.


            personalize necklace

            6. Personalize Your Layered Necklace

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              A piece of jewelry can look unique when you get your fantasies in it. Do not hesitate to parallel your dainty pendants with chained necklaces. Work to get a statement look in your jewelry to get noticed. Play with simple and chic or bold colors in your layered pieces.    

              There is nothing more everlasting than white diamonds decorating your neckline. Pair it up with a leather or denim jacket. There are different price ranges for a layered necklace. Instead of choosing just one pricey necklace at jewelry boutiques, go for several inexpensive pieces sold online to grow your necklace collection.        

              Final Thoughts

              Your right pick of a layered necklace can accessorize your neckline suitably. Mixing metals will help redefine your layering statement. Keep adding your twist and experiment with layered necklaces, whether beaded charm or the triple-layer chain pendant.

              Turn to social media for layering tips on styles and patterns. Check up a few jewelry accounts on new fads in layering necklaces. You can get several trendy and whimsical looks with layering statement pieces. 



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