Like a modern-day crafts-aisle visionary, we have Girl Intuitive, a dream destination for girls of all age brackets to flaunt their beautiful necklines with charming souvenirs. When in doubt with your daily dressing routine, there is always a designer charm necklace or a strong, elegant statement collar for any cocktail or work ensemble to make the right appearance.

Here are some tips on how to choose the right necklace to your neckline:

#1  Consider the Occasion. You can wear the same outfit during the day and only change the jewelry for an evening transformation.

#2 Chain Should Mimic the Cut of the Top.

V-Necks are best paired with a V-shaped necklace, wear a bib necklace, layered necklace or a statement necklace.

1. Spiral Waterfall Necklace; 2. Delicate Layered Necklace; 3. Turkish Ladder Necklace

Plunge neckline is best with a Y necklace. You can look sophisticated letting your necklace ride high when your top is low cut. 

1. Long Y-Necklace; 2. Elise Necklace; 3. Three Times The Love Necklace

Turtleneck looks great with long necklaces that elongate your torso.

1. Chain Tassel Necklace; 2. Stone Pendant Long Necklace; 3. Stone Teardrop Chevron Long Necklace

For a Strapless pair a choker or short necklace for a sexy look.

 1. Delicate Short Necklace; 2. Hematite Collar Necklace; 3. Bohemian Beaded Necklace; 4. Emma Collar Necklace; 5. Open Front Necklace


#3 Pair your necklace with other jewelry, only one bold piece allowed.

Girl Intuitive designs to find a rightful spot in the light. Every designer piece is conjured with an improbable recipe to make heirloom appeal on your neck. You can look for semi-precious stone-embedded trinkets, multi-layer chokers, shiny 24k gold hammered strands, majestic pendants, and much more; all just few clicks away.

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