5 Interesting Facts About Handmade Jewelry

 There is an inherent charm in everything handmade. Whether clothing, cosmetics, or jewelry, handmade products have a unique feeling and treasure value. In the modern-day mass manufacturing scenario, exclusivity is missing. Buying an artisan’s labor of love isn’t affordable, considering the fine craftsmanship and time that goes into it.

Handmade jewelry is one such spark that transforms ordinary objects into jewelry masterpieces. It is the jewelry to buy as an investment for yourself and pass it as an heirloom. Handmade jewels have become more and more popular because there is a breed of jewelry buyers who value excellent materials and artistry over mass-produced collections.

Quality is synonymous with handmade jewels. The hand-crafted jewelry is like an original painting with no replica. That’s why it is a favorite among purists for its rareness. However, many are still unaware of its value and edge over other gifts. Here are some exciting things to know about these artistic creations.     

  1. Handmade Is About Exclusivity.

chan luu handmade necklace

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By definition, handmade jewelry is an artisan creation. There are no manufacturing practices or automation involved here. While a jewelry-making machine can produce hundreds of units in an hour, an artisan can produce only limited editions for you. Hence, more man-days go into making a Bohemian layered necklace or a hoop earring with a spike.        

There is a high level of skill and precision involved in creating sustainable pieces. Handmade charms go through many steps, such as hammering, sawing, filing, soldering, finishing, casting, shaping, heating the metal to a precise temperature, to name a few. Polished stone cutters skilled in the art of handmade jewelry use precious metal walls to support the gems. The aim is to reduce any flaws or imperfections in a handmade ornament that shows up in bulk-made baubles.

Recycled saree fabric pieces reshaped into headbands and decorated with beads are another example of exclusivity in handmade jewels.

  1. There Is A Story In Each Handmade Piece.

handmade patina ring

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Handmade jewelry is ornate gifting and can take many weeks for delivery. The artisan is key to the inherent value of each piece. The skilled worker knows about every cut, curve, and crystal in a single piece of handmade jewelry.  

When you wear a patina ring or gold-filled bracelet handcrafted by artisans, you may love the copper look on your skin. But how much do you know of the metals and the making process?

You may wonder, patina what is it? Patina is a tarnish on outer metal surfaces, like copper, bronze to prevent corrosion. This produces a reaction and forms a striking and colorful effect. So, when you are putting on handmade jewelry, you are showing a slice of the artisan’s work and creativity.

Interestingly, the handmade copper patina ring handcrafted by artisans from India fits most fingers. Make sure your attire matches the overall look and appeal of the handmade creations. Sliced crystals geode in handmade jewelry is interesting and attention-grabbing. The irregular cuts make it more charming and a great gift item.

Let’s not skip the sterling silver. It brings the tradition of splendid silver to every type of jewelry imaginable. Handmade jewelry masters appreciate this noble metal because of its malleability, beauty, and durability.        

  1. Choice Of Materials Is Distinctive.

 handmade kantha jewelry

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In mass production factories, it is difficult to regulate the metal alloys used, considering the consignment order and manufacturing pressure. Many gifts prone to unwanted reactions from nickel and other metals can spoil the jewelry's durability.

Most handmade jewelry materials are not commercially procured but ethically sourced. Handmade jewelry artists source metals from reputed suppliers who can guarantee a conflict-free background of stones and recycled scrap metal. Whether handmade beaded creations like necklaces or trinkets or hand-stamping to create personalized custom jewelry, artisans keep most tools and techniques to make confident pieces in line with their ethos.

Handmade creations can also be lightweight and fun. The colorful Kantha from India fringe pendant dotted with beads and delicate chain is made using recycled saree fabric. Sustainably handmade jewelry by women artisans emphasizes talent and handiwork in shaping precious metals and gemstones into works of art.   

  1. You Support Real Makers.  

artisans in India making jewelry

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When you are shopping for expensive jewelry or a bestseller from a jewelry merchant, you may never know the real beneficiary in the store because you haven’t seen the artisans toiling hard to produce an ornament.

Investing in handmade and colorful jewelry establishes a direct connection between you and the artiste. You get to know about their struggling lives and inadequate income. Your money goes into actual hands and helps artisans earn a decent living. It also supports fair trade wages and makes financial independence for craft workers a reality.   

When you purchase handcrafted Nakamol jewelry made in Thailand, think how your purchase will support a genuine person whose artistic ability you admire. It is a rewarding experience to know your money will help a needy artisan and not intermediaries.

  1. Locally Made. Universally Loved.

chan luu handmade beaded stones necklace

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Supporting local products brings tremendous value and hope to the artisan community. The makers and upcoming designers infuse dedication into each creation–whether it is statement rings or mind-blowing pendants, upholding traditional craft techniques. Jewelry artisans know that every piece they make not only represents their creativity but quality as well.

Consider exploring multi-tassel Chan Luu jewelry made in Vietnam featuring a labradorite pendant. This local artisan-made semi-precious stone necklace enhances your style game.      

Ever heard of floating earrings? The nickel and lead-free made in the USA Akha jewelry from Thailand has shimmery silk threads made under fair trade principles. Game for ethically sourced, upcycled earrings? Try all-natural two-horn links earrings made with upcycled materials like cattle horns. You may team up the earrings with a short necklace for your beach trip with friends.    

Final Thoughts

Handmade jewelry has no equal. Produced on a small scale, it always stands out in quality than a mass-produced design. The modern-day consumer is keen to explore various metals like quartz and expensive raw materials in handmade jewels. Feel good about your purchase, as you have the artisans’ handmade statement pieces in your collection. Try to spread the concept of handmade jewelry pieces in your network of friends to support the artisans and their efforts.



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