Kantha Jewelry

What is Kantha? It is the most traditional type of embroidery practiced by rural women in the Indian States, especially in West Bengal. It is created by repurposing sari, or saree, fabric and stitching them together on the edges layering them on top of the other creating a quilt with beautiful folk and floral motifs. The textile is used for many purposes, like baby beds and swaddles, men's shirts, shawls, furnishing, and jewelry.

WorldFinds has marketed this traditional art to the world. They not only provide beautiful designs to us, but they have a clear goal: to aid women artisans in need from these developing countries. By providing fair wages, healthy workplace, and girls education funds with the help of fair trade organizations.

Girl Intuitive provides you with WorldFinds best products in their Kantha line. From pouches to wear to festivals, colorful totes for traveling, and embellished evening bags to hair accessories like beaded headbands, great gift ideas like in small goods, and best of all, jewelry.

Some of the Kantha jewelry features a colorful selection of Kantha covered wooden beads where colors and patterns vary making each piece one-of-a-kind.

They feature tiny golden beads that compliment the jewelry with sparkle, like the Graduated Kantha Necklace or the Garland Beaded Long Necklace.

Worldfinds applies these beads on earrings, rings, bracelets, tassels, and other necklaces all made out of Kantha fabric.

The Kantha fabric is then used in different ways following the artisans traditional art. It is woven in: the Kantha Fiesta Necklace textiles are woven into a brass link chain adorned with opaque glass beads and smooth brass discs to form a patterned fringe. The Kantha Woven Cuffs have textiles intertwine to form a unique look. And the Kantha Woven Earrings are elegantly woven into a circle that surrounds a radiant brass center.

Or wrapped in: the Kantha Wrap Earrings textiles are wrapped around on lightweight hoops. The Kantha Threaded Wrapped Cuff adorned with glimmering gold thread, or the Kantha Wood Necklace Kantha is wrapped on a cord strand complimenting smooth wooden beads.


Worldfinds provides unique, beautiful designs with a timeless design sensibility. Each purchase supports meaningful, environmentally sound work for their artisans in the developing worlds as well as people in the United States.

Girl Intuitive is proud to carry these unique designs that not only bring out the bohemian soul in you but help many families in need. 

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