Minimalism is making a comeback. People are frustrated with materialism and consumerism in our society today. It is evident in the lifestyles people choose and even in their fashion choices. A Minimalistic Trend is on the rise.

  A more simplistic look is elegant and less distracting. Your features can shine instead to be overshadowed by the wrong outfit. You can do this by wearing basic wardrobe and focusing on one powerful accessory.

  This trend started out in the 60s when Pierre Cardin introduced the Mod dresses with model Twiggy as the icon. Followed by Halston on the 70s with streamlined silhouettes and plunging v-necks with monochromatic jersey dresses and stretchy jumpsuits. The 70s look is about a deep v-neck and a thin Y necklace, which, in part, makes you look more slender. 

   You can take hold of this trend in a few different ways. First, focus on one primary piece of jewelry that will be the center of your ensemble. One large, centric piece is all you need.  Bring out your personality with your favorite piece, which could be anything. A statement earring, an elegant necklace, or even a heirloom quality ring will work great. Once you have chosen your focal point accessory, then wear a basic ensemble of clothing with a simple silhouette.

    Another way to accessorize is to combine different jewelry, wear a big piece with a more simple one.  A plain yet sophisticated pair of earrings is a nice combination with a large chunky bracelet. A unique piece with delicate lines would be perfect paired with something a bit more embellished.  

    Less is more is the idea of this trend. The retro look is making a comeback, and all you need is here at

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