Throughout human history necklaces have been worn to make a statement.

statement necklace has sometimes been used to show (and store) wealth. The House of Faberge created the Romanov necklace with 79 emeralds and 1,991 diamonds. It’s worth $3.1 million – almost like wearing a bank! A necklace with a cross or Star of David is a representative of the wearer’s religion. Necklaces made of amber have been worn to heal everything from joint pain to mental illness.

Of course, necklaces can also be worn for one simple reason: to draw the eye to two beautiful parts of the female body--the neck and cleavage.

Whatever statement you want to make, Girl Intuitive has a statement necklace for it. 


If you want to feel like a movie star, reach for our Black Gem Statement Necklace, Crystal Teardrops Bib, or the go-to statement necklace for Jazz Age glamour—the Gatsby Necklace.



If you prefer clean lines and bold colors, take a look at our Geometric Circle Collar, Gold and Enamel Triangle Necklace, or Neo Mod Multi Strand statement necklaces.


If you are partial to the colors, textures and drama of ethnic jewelry, select Girl Intuitive's awesome ethnic statement necklace collection. Like the Kantha Fabric Woven Fiesta in Turquoise, a handmade necklace from India. The Multi Strand Bib Necklace designed with multi-hued glass beads strung in many rows, and the Queen of Heaven is a collar necklace made of bone and wood beads. The Macrame fashioned of voluptuous fair trade beads from India and comes in teal, Persian green, gold or red.


If you’re a fan of classic elegance (think Audrey Hepburn) you’ll love our selection of statement necklaces including the chic Metallic Rope Necklace, sophisticated Pearl Cluster or opulent-looking Pink Sparkling Water Collar.



If you want to mimic the beautiful forms of nature in the jewelry you wear, you might like the Blush Petals Necklace, the Sculpted Leaves Statement Necklace in either gold or silver tone, or the Delicate Fresh Water Pearls. Or you can steal shamelessly from the birds with the Feathered Neon Necklace.

Whatever kind of message you want to send with your jewelry, Girl Intuitive will let you speak up loud and clear, without emptying your bank account. Contact us today to find the statement necklace of your dreams. 



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