A Personalized Initial Necklace is the Perfect Valentine's Day Gift

Whether you celebrate Valentine's Day as a couple, a family or just between friends, our personalized initial necklace is perfect for girls and women of all ages. An initial is a simple yet classy way to personalize the gift just for her. Also, you get to choose your combination of color beads, initials, and lucky charms to completely customize the necklace to your Valentine's tastes. 

Your selection starts from the base. Choose between a silver or gold dainty plated color chain. Next, select which color you want for the beads. From there, you can decide between our wide variety of initials, charms, and color beads to personalize the necklace. Animal lovers will love a Chihuahua, penguin, or cat charms. Aquatic fanatics will appreciate a whale, sea horse, or dolphin charm. If you prefer to stay away from animals, you can choose from a variety of religious and spiritual charms such as an angel, Buddha, or a simple but elegant cross.

Overwhelmed by our extensive selection or just not sure exactly what charm to choose? Not to worry, we've got you covered and chosen charms specifically for the emotion or feeling you want to convey with your charm. For instance, our anchor charm symbolizes hope, safety, and fidelity while our owl charm symbolizes wisdom, intelligence, and protection. Make sure to look for our charms to decide which one is perfect for your Valentine.

One of the best things about the initial necklace is that you can add or change charms throughout the year, making this the gift that truly keeps on giving (and changing!). If you can't decide between charms, you can give your valentine a variety so that she can choose which charm she wants to wear depending on her mood. 

How to make your own, personalized gift:

1. Choose you base. Whether you want a simple chain or beaded necklace. Simple chain, click here. Beaded chain, click here. You can also choose a bracelet instead. 

chain necklace

2. Choose the letter charm, either gold, silver or make a combo. Click here.

letter charms

3. Add her favorite animal or symbol from an extensive collection of pewter charms. Click here.


4. Enhance with color bead charms. Click here.

color bead charms

Your end result can look like this!:

 initial charm necklace

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