Designed and handmade by artisans around the world, statement necklaces are changing the way we see our wardrobes. These unique pieces are more than accessories; they define the style of an outfit. Whether you dress casually, formally, wear a suit, a little black dress or something more trendy, it can be enhanced by the right necklace. A collection of statement jewelry that reflects who you are can expand your wardrobe options.


1.Black and White Link; 2.Neo Mod Bib; 3.Multi-Layer Cleopatra Bib; 4.Golden Tassel; 5.Fairyland Statement Necklace; 6.Pale Pink Bib; 7.Solar Crystal Bib; 8.Two-Tone Fringe Bib; 9.Tangerine Moonstone Collar; 10.Metallic Rop Tie-On; 11.Ruby Western Bib; 12.Enchanted Spring Bib; 13.Pink Fashion Statement Necklace; 14.Art Deco Bib; 15.Persian Goddess Collar; 16.Pearl Cluster Bib; 17.Crystal Goddess Bib; 18.Mixed-Media Collar Bib

Statement necklaces come  to coordinate in shapes and sizes with anything you might wear. They can be bold, colorful, dainty, feminine, striking or elegant to suit every occasion and let you express the many facets of your personality. Because they are created by people instead of factories, great ethnic and cultural diversity is represented in the full range of statement necklace styles. Some are surprisingly affordable, and some are valuable works of art with fine metals and stones.

With so many to choose from, every outfit can be enhanced by a statement necklace. They can be long or short; some of them are adjustable so that you can wear at different lengths. The wide variety of styles includes flat collars of metal or jeweled motifs, fringed bibs, braids and ropes, pendants, clunky or dainty beads, wires and chains, and some that incorporate textiles. Clusters of pearls, beads or crystals sometimes continue around to the clasp at the back of the neck. And some necklaces even have ribbon ties, all of which are especially striking with a low-cut back neckline and short hair or an up do.

A statement necklace can be the one focal point of an outfit, but coordinating earrings and bracelets can sometimes be an attractive addition. If you have any questions or need help finding just the right look, contact us for ideas and suggestions.

Every woman is unique and beautiful, and we all enjoy expressing who we are through our outward adornment. Whether you are glamorous and exotic, playful and energetic, sophisticated, elegant, bold, quiet, flirty, artistic – or all of those things at different times – these necklaces are a pleasure to wear. It’s more than accessorizing; it’s making a statement. Collect a variety of unique pieces for every mood and occasion!


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squeals I would SO buy one of these! Seriously. WHERE IS YOUR ETSY??? I am loving the class, vacatliling between being inspired and filled with fear. It is truly making me realize I need to live life to the fullest. NO FEAR. Brave Girl! I am reading the class every day, but cannot possibly keep up daily with the process, so I am cutting and pasting for a PRIVATE WORK SHEET just for me, that I would never share, but I need more time with Kelly’s wonderful work. Yes yes yes, blog every day, or every week day. I have made so many REAL friends wonderful artists and giving, strong women, that I cannot believe they have befriended me we call each other Sisterfriends. One could never understand until they experience connection of the human spirit through the internet but then, that is exactly what Kelly is doing with this class!BE A BRAVE GIRL! blows kisses Deb

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